Johannes Jonker:

  1. How can scalable Tech for Good startups empower the marginalised, and help create a fairer world?
    Key issues: the role of socially-focused tech startups in human development (+ building/strengthening a working consensus on the meaning of the latter); the role of tech startups in creating a fairer, more compassionate economic system that retains mechanisms to encourage human initiative.
  2. How can ICTs be a vehicle for efforts to foster greater mutual understanding and compassion in the world?
    Key issues: looking beyond online echo chambers to imagine the potential of, but also recognise the limits to, ICTs helping individuals expand their understanding of the Other; the role of ICTs in building social capital.
  3. How can we preserve the value of an open discourse (the open society, the ability to challenge fundamentalism) whilst accounting for power imbalances (i.e. that some voices must be amplified in light of historical injustices)?
    Key issues: who can know and understand what about whose reality, and how should this be factored into general epistemological claims; the limits of free speech; interrogating/critiquing metanarratives whilst acknowledging their value in highlighting lived experiences.
  4. How shall we construct a world view and life philosophy that enables future generations of humans to flourish in a dynamically-complex and ever-more uncertain world?
    Key issues: the notion of a meaningful or worthy life in a postmodern world; making sense of the human condition in a hyperconnected age.

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